10 Reasons Why Becoming an Au-Pair is Exactly Like Online Dating

  1. Obviously, to get the best results, you need to actually make an online profile.
  2. Said profile contains descriptions, photos, and general qualifications, all meant to portray yourself as the ideal candidate. If you’re lacking detail in one of these facets, you become substantially less appealing and the same goes for the other party. You stare at your profile, trying imagine how viewers of it will perceive you. You also start wondering if you’ll ever find an ideal match.
  3. There’s an intricate balance between being fully authentic and showcasing your finer attributes (Obviously, you don’t want to mention that you can belch loudly, before you’ve even met them…). This all is occurring within both parties. Sometimes, you’re left wondering about the validity of certain profiles (e.g. “Is this host family really able to pay me €500 per week?” or “Can this au pair actually fluently speak/read nine languages, including ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics?”).
  4. You spend hours sifting through hundreds of profiles, marking “interests” or “favorites” along the way. These people get notified and there’s a moment of elation whenever they send back that they’re also interested in you. Unfortunately, you can’t help but feel a bit of rejection, whenever you get a notification that the party you were very interested does not reciprocate.
  5. If both parties are interested, one reaches out to the other and a message chain is started. Likes, dislikes, mutual interests, and what each party is looking for in the other are discussed.
  6. After realizing that the other party is everything you dreamed of, the excitement sets in. You find yourself talking about them to friends, many of whom will think it’s odd, seeing as you’ve yet to meet them. You have pictures of them on your cell phone. You have your friends sit with you and pour over their online profile. Overall, you’re just so thrilled that you found your ultimate match online, that you’re willing to tell anyone and everyone who will listen.
  7. There may a time when you haven’t heard from them in a week or so. You get very worried. You wonder if you’ve done something wrong and look back through old messages to see if you missed anything. The same people who you gushed about them to now get to hear how concerned you are. You realize you may have to accept that they’re not really “the one” and move on. Right when you’ve been about to give up, you get a message from them apologizing for the delay and explaining what had happened. You’re so relieved!
  8. Around this time is when you think it’s serious enough to tell your parents. You’re excited and nervous about what the future may hold. You gush about how great they are to your parents and show them an exorbitant amount of pictures.
  9. After much online communication, you decide upon a time to meet.
  10. Finally, you’ve realized they’re the one for you and decide to move in.
  11. Image

    This is the face you make when you finally find your host family!

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  1. I had to google Au-pair and find out what it means!!! I guess you’re doing an extended stay in Europe??? I did the backpacking thing with 2 good friends of mine… we did it for 5 weeks and we were exhausted by the end… until today, one of the best trips of my life.

    You brought back a lot of good memories… but I agree with your post, for the longest time I thought you were describing your online dating experience. And when she says yes I don’t make a face like that :p

    Have a great weekend Andrea

    • Well, now you know! Yes, I am!

      That is awesome. What countries did you visit?

      I’m thrilled, that you thought I was describing online dating! It really seems so similar. And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with making that face, as long as you don’t send it to her! 😉

      • hahahaha… you’re too funny, I’ll keep that tip handy 🙂
        OK you asked for it, so here it is chronological order (to the best of my recollection): Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Spain & France. Don’t ask me to name the cities because too many to count & remember!

      • the colder weather has brought many of indoors where our keyboards await our fingers,…………i am generally quite busy,…..and i apologize for not “dropping by” sooner,…………………your sense of humor is very nice,…as is your wit,…………refreshing,……thanks again,…………

  2. may i ask you a question,…..tonight, i am just kind of chillin (no pun inteneded) and i have had enough of the tragedy which took place today,…so,……could i toss a “challenge” your way?????? since you moderate, feel free to delete what i am writing/asking now if you like with no hard feelings at all, ok??????,………….my question/challenge is this,……would you, could you, as a total stranger, pick a subject/topic for me to babble on about this evening???????,………this request is unusual, and that’s ok, but, if “you” toss somethin my way, then i will, and can have, no preconcieved notion as to what to write about,……………ok, i just proofread what i wrote,……so,…there ya go,………thanks. i am curious,……………………………………………….toksoon

    • Hi there. I hope things are better with your tragedy.

      I think what you’re asking is for a topic to write about? Well, I would recommend writing about whatever happened. That may help you express your feelings.

      • I AM so sorry FOR THE MISUNDERSTANDING!!!!….i meant the tragedy which happpened with the schoolchildren yesterday,……i did not mean to confuse,……….in other words, since the media had it’s usual field day with what occured, that is the last thing that i wanted to write about,………………..sorry,………uuuuhhhhmmmmmm,…………..i love feelin like an idiot from time to time,………today, it appears, is my “lucky day”……….so, anyway,………………ooopppppsssss

  3. It sounds like is comparable to doing homework & that is never fun. At least it will give you peace of mind knowing you have done everything you can to make a good choice. 🙂 Congates!

  4. Congratulations, Andrea! 🙂 In which country will you work as an au-pair? Will you have to speak a foreign language?
    Best regards,

    • That’s completely dependent on the family. Personally, I would love to learn how to cook the cuisine of wherever I am staying. Many families do want help with the meals–especially dinner.

      As far as my place in Italy, I must supply my own food. That said, I’m with the family for breakfast and lunch every weekday and they said I’m welcome to stay for dinner.

  5. Haha I love that picture. Have a great time. My favorite thing in Switz was taking the cog train from Zermatt way up the mountain and then doing an all-day hiking loop past stunning scenery and next to the Matterhorn back to Zermatt. Also the Glacier Express was awesome. In Italy I think I liked walking in the same forest that St Francis preached to the birds. It was so peaceful. A room right in one of those Tuscan hill towns for a few days is just paradise. You can rent a bicycle and pedal through wine country, stopping for tastings.

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