Wow, I cannot thank you guys enough for being such involved followers! I’m about half way to having 1,000 “followers,” so you’ll see another excited post when that happens!

Since starting this blog in September, I have been ever impressed by the amount of interaction there has been on my posts.

Not only do I intend to keep blogging, but I will become increasingly involved! On that note, I’m very curious as to whether you prefer my vlogs or blogs more. Thoughts?

I sincerely appreciate every single one of you!


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  1. I think its content that matters most.. vlog or blog is appropriate for a certain type of things! I mean a blog or pictures wouldn’t have done the juicing experience any justice… it had to be vlog 🙂 haha

    Congrats on a 1000 likes

    • Thank you so much! In earnest, I’ve done very little, as of yet. I want to learn more about SEO, but I haven’t had much time lately.

      There are two (obvious) things that I’ve found are directly correlated to the amount of traffic brought in:

      1) Posting content
      2) Interacting with other bloggers

      When I post a new content and have interacted with other bloggers, recently, I will typically have between 200 – 300 views a day. However, whenever I get busy and haven’t done either of those, I’ll only have between 20-100 views.

  2. Oh my god I didn’t know your milestone is 10 times greater than mine 😉 you definitly deserve a “High5” !!! Well done …BRAVOOO!!!! Keep it up!!!

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