Hello world!

As you’ve likely gathered, my name is Andrea and I am on an adventure! This blog is comprised of the adventures and experiences I have on my travels, but also the ones I have in my personal development.

I am currently in the process of planning a long-term trip to Europe and figured it would be a great idea to start up a blog about it! After realizing that now is the ideal time of my life to travel, I am postponing graduate school until my return. In addition to blogging about my various planning/travel experiences, I will write on thought provoking topics that incite quality interaction. I would love to hear your view points, thoughts, and ideas—-so feel free to engage!

My interests include self-growth, meeting new people, travel, deep conversation, food, yoga, building lasting relationships, nature, romance, and enlightenment.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and keeping up with my travel!



Rattlesnake Falls

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  1. Hi Andrea, I just saw that you ‘liked’ the print I am giving away called ‘My Ideal Home’ thanks very much 🙂 would you like one? No catch, I’m just trying to get my art into the lives of those who like it 🙂 let me know, thanks again, Andy

  2. Your blog is so colorful and happy! That Europe trip sounds incredible! I just started planning for my first trip to London for a meditation seminar. Have fun!

  3. Hey, you have great vibe about you and your blog. Enjoy your trip to Europe. Let me know if you need any inside tips on Denmark (Copenhagen) or Estonia. all the best, Kristi

  4. Viata este o calatorie, fericit cine se trezeste si calatoreste treaz , un spirit viu frumos si daruit , bun exemplu , frica de nou paralizeaza omul … am facut o calatorie anul trecut .. si in acelasi timp analizam eu calatorul , calatorie fara compromis sau promisiuni .. si am observat .. ca orice gand aveam in ideea materializarii imediate .. “universul aseza piesele ” .. fara sa cer nimic .,ma refer la ideea omului preconceputa de schimburi reciproce, omul de astazi daruieste in speranta de a primi aici greseste colosal si cand nu primeste dezamagirea il mistuie , “calatoria” inseamna curaj daruire si altruism, .felicitari pentru blog si stadiul de constientizare la care ai ajuns Andrea 🙂

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and it’s great. I too love to travel. I enjoy any kind of adventure, whether it takes me away from home or takes place in my mind. Love big cities, the great outdoors, offbeat and unexpected places.

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