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Milking the Mall System


Recently, I found myself in a bit of a predicament. While on a mini-trip to Atlanta, I was invited to party. Fun stuff, right? Well, the problem was, I had barely gotten ready that morning and was in no state to attend a party. I decided to kill a couple of hours by visiting Atlanta’s massive mall. This was when I got the great idea to “milk” the mall system! While I’m sure some savvy individuals have been doing this for some time, this was a first experience for me.

I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who has ever been bombarded with the requests of vendors while trying to enjoy a peaceful visit to the mall. I usually sidestep and politely smile away their offers, but this time, I accepted!  I said, “Yes!” to that free preview massage and enjoyed every minute of it. Having no perfume with me, I decided to partake in the free samples of Macy’s. When I saw the black and white stripes of Sephora, I thought, “Gold mine!” Sure, it might be slightly unconventional to completely do my eye makeup and lipstick in the store, but I figure that I’ve bought enough of their products over the years to make it acceptable. While perusing second floor, I was flagged over by a guy wanting to show me his mineral foundation. Of course, I accepted and walked away with the luminescent glow of that over priced powder. Because I love my current hair straightener, I typically avoid the hair styling stands like the plague. This time, though, that demonstration really came in handy! I hadn’t intended to include this in my gratis-mall-makeover, but I couldn’t say no when an attractive man called me over to experience the exfoliating powers of the Dead Sea.

ImageAfter a couple hours of exploring the mall, getting pampered and having great conversation with the salespeople, I walked out with great hair, soft hands, and stained lips!

Does anyone know if malls are like this in countries outside of the US? If so, I will definitely be taking advantage!