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The Power of Setting Intention


While slightly off the topic of travel plans, I have the irrefutable urge to briefly share about the power and impact of internal choice. Friends, there are infinite amounts of love, equanimity, happiness, and connectivity within this world! So many people go through daily life without realizing many of the things they yearn for are truly accessible. In fact, all you have to do is reach out and grab them!

The first step to attaining _________ (positivity, love, success, peace, productivity, etc.) is to make a conscientious effort to send out into the world what you want to receive. This principle has been expressed in many ways, over many years, and in many contexts. In the Christian faith, it’s the Gold Rule. Like many others, I grew up hearing the maxim, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This foundational concept of Christianity can be appreciated despite one’s religious beliefs. In philosophy, it appears as the concept of synchronicity. By this standard of thinking, synchronicity is the uncanny merging of two seemingly unrelated events. Sometimes, situations just seem pan out in an astonishingly perfect way—to me, this is the work of synchronicity. In the New Age way of thought, the related idea of setting intention emerges. The key to the practice of setting intention is genuinely believing that there is an abundance of _________ (fill in your need) in the universe just waiting to be taken advantage of. Consciously setting your intention allows for said intent to be engrained deep within you. In this regard, an intent can be far more impacting than a goal. Goals are set frequently, and often forgotten just as frequently. Unlike goals, intentions aren’t simply a wish or desire that you write down and refer back to at the coming of a new year. Setting a sincere intention also involves staying consciously aware of your intent and being open enough to let the universe work on your behalf.

I heartily recommend incorporating intent setting into your morning ritual. It’s a wonderful way to frame your entire day!

Tell me, friends, what intention are you going to set today?