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Vlog: Enhance Your Relationships


Hey, all! I sincerely apologize for my lack of activity on here, recently. I am going to be posting more frequently, from now on.

Over my young life, I’ve encountered many people and observed a lot of relationships. I decided to make a vlog on a few of my thoughts. As said in the video, I’d love to hear your feedback and constructive criticism!

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While procrastinating on completing my studies today, I was pleased to re-discover a video I’d taken during an early-morning jog in May of 2011. This rudimentary filming was done in the foothills of the Alps, near the border of Switzerland and Germany. Being still jet-lagged and running around at 6:30 in the morning wasn’t exactly conducive to a fully awake video…

I hope you’ll be able to look past my sleepy eyes and gravelly voice to witness me falling even more in love with Europe. If someone had told me during that trip that, not even two years later, I would be planning a trip to Europe with no definitive ending point, I would have had trouble believing it! I felt this ineffable enchantment with Europe from the moment I stepped off of the plane in Frankfurt. It’s hard to explain, but it almost felt as if I was home. Even when completely lost in Zurich (I’ll make a post about this soon!), after only having arrived a few hours prior, I felt completely content.

Releasing my need to constantly plan and be overly futuristic has been such a blessing. I encourage all of you to open yourself up to the natural journey that life will take you on. I am so excited to see where my coming adventures take me.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”
― Eckhart Tolle

P.S. “Traveler” = tourist/student-ish

Milking the Mall System


Recently, I found myself in a bit of a predicament. While on a mini-trip to Atlanta, I was invited to party. Fun stuff, right? Well, the problem was, I had barely gotten ready that morning and was in no state to attend a party. I decided to kill a couple of hours by visiting Atlanta’s massive mall. This was when I got the great idea to “milk” the mall system! While I’m sure some savvy individuals have been doing this for some time, this was a first experience for me.

I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who has ever been bombarded with the requests of vendors while trying to enjoy a peaceful visit to the mall. I usually sidestep and politely smile away their offers, but this time, I accepted!  I said, “Yes!” to that free preview massage and enjoyed every minute of it. Having no perfume with me, I decided to partake in the free samples of Macy’s. When I saw the black and white stripes of Sephora, I thought, “Gold mine!” Sure, it might be slightly unconventional to completely do my eye makeup and lipstick in the store, but I figure that I’ve bought enough of their products over the years to make it acceptable. While perusing second floor, I was flagged over by a guy wanting to show me his mineral foundation. Of course, I accepted and walked away with the luminescent glow of that over priced powder. Because I love my current hair straightener, I typically avoid the hair styling stands like the plague. This time, though, that demonstration really came in handy! I hadn’t intended to include this in my gratis-mall-makeover, but I couldn’t say no when an attractive man called me over to experience the exfoliating powers of the Dead Sea.

ImageAfter a couple hours of exploring the mall, getting pampered and having great conversation with the salespeople, I walked out with great hair, soft hands, and stained lips!

Does anyone know if malls are like this in countries outside of the US? If so, I will definitely be taking advantage!

Vlog 1: I need your travel advice!


I’m planning my trip and I’d love your help!

What do you guys know about…

  • Travel tips (especially on being a solo female)
  • Trip preparation (visas, packing, work permits, travelers insurance, etc.)
  • Money saving ideas
  • Best places to exchange money
  • Cheap places to visit
  • Navigating public transport systems
  • Interacting with locals (Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech, Greece, and Croatia)
  • Getting a cell phone that works across various countries
  • Avoiding theft
  • Shipping and receiving mail
  • Random tidbits of information

Hello world!


Well, this is my very first blog…ever. I’m definitely looking forward to having a place to record all the exciting things I encounter!

For many years now, I have wistfully spoken of all the places I hoped to travel. Heck, I even made a “Travel” board on Pinterest dedicated solely to pictures of everywhere I wanted to go! I would longingly flip through friends’ albums of their adventures abroad and wonder if I would ever have a chance to experience life so fully… Now, it’s finally happening!

During the past four years, I lived with the mindset that I needed to get into a top grad school program and immediately begin after graduation [this spring]. I had internalized this idea to such an extent that the prospect of deviating from it in the slightest seemed unthinkable! After speaking with some close friends about the matter, I came to see that I wasn’t as confined to that path as I’d thought. In fact, I wasn’t trapped at all! This realization opened up so many possibilities!

I have now set my intention (I’ll upload my video on setting intention as soon as I’ve figured out the set up on here) travel around Europe, starting this spring. I am thrilled that my dreams are finally coming to fruition and can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!



With my lovely friend Bekah on the ferris wheel of Vienna.