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  1. I didn’t see a lot of juicing going on… just dancing 🙂 You have an infectious smile, keep it up… I like seeing people enjoying life.
    BTW, are you back in the US? It looks like a very American house… I thought you were still in Europe.

  2. As I said before , you have huge influence on me , you became an important part in my life , every morning I look at you to charge my battery to move on , hey I’m not young to say such things to get your admiration , but it’s honest and real talk , very happy to know you angel

  3. You having fun, right there in the kitchen, dancing; great!! I do warm-up-for-cold-shower-in-the-winter-in-my-bathroom dance and have to admit it’s no-where as much fun as you make it.
    Andrea, thanks for smiles; catch this one(only in words) from Kathmandu..

  4. Nice dance! Inspiring actually, I make a lot of smoothies at work and it is never quite that fun. I’m usually just getting pissed off at the blender! thanks for the reminder to do it with joy.

  5. A Vlogger! I already know I’m going to love this blog. 😀 You just demonstrated every bit of everyone’s urge to be completely free of inhibitons. Love the energy. Actually, one the tiny x and the big karate kick. Bwahahahahaha

  6. no matter how goofy your antics are… You are one of the most beautiful and amazing bloggers around on WordPress! Keep it going!

    Not many know to tap their energy and get the best out of it! You just do it effortlessly! 🙂

  7. What’s life without a bit of happy whimsy and fun dancing? Thanks for sharing your fun, Andi.
    May graduation is a while away from now. Best of luck finishing school.

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