Vlog: Travel Update


Hi, lovelies! A lot of people have been inquiring as to my current game plan for Europe. Here’s a quick update on my plans!


  • During late July and early August a few girlfriends and I are trying to arrange it so we can travel around together! The biggest hinderance is finances! Any tips on ways to make/save money on the road? We’ll be using http://www.helpx.net, http://www.couchsurfing.com, and staying in hostels to travel as cheaply as possible. 
  • At the end of August, I will move to Lausanne, Switzerland to be an au pair for a spectacular Spanish family! This is a great opportunity, because I adore Switzerland and would love to brush up on my Spanish. Although I will be doing some traveling on the weekends, I will be saving a lot of the money I make to put it toward further travels. Additionally, I’ll have to be putting a portion of it toward student loans.
  • The last week of November will mark the end of my Swiss living. That means I have December to travel around and hang out with friends…
  • If you are around wherever I am, I’d love to meet up! There’s a small possibility that my parents will try and come over and visit during this time. That would be great, seeing as I have no idea if I’ll be spending Christmas alone in a hostel (I doubt that would happen, though, as I have a knack for randomly meeting new friends!)…
  • In January, I will move to Torino, Italy to become an au pair for another beautiful family. I am thrilled!  I will stay here for a least six months.
  • After Italy, I will hopefully return to Switzerland for another three months.
  • Then…who knows!

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  1. Glad things are going your way Andrea, this is a very exciting time in your young life! I am happy for you and look forward to following along through Europe with you in your adventures. Be well!

  2. Oh that’s a shame, I will be living in France until July and I think we will miss each other! I am working as an au pair right now and it’s so much fun, you’re going to have an amazing time. And by the end of the year you might be able to speak Spanish, French AND Italian… jealous!

  3. WOW, You are going to be a woman on the move. That will truly be an super duper travel experience. You will have a lot of time to immerse yourself in the culture. What a great opportunity. 🙂

  4. Wow! You are one adventurous young lady! I hope everything goes well for you. Be safe! I’m looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures! Travel always has a way of bringing adventure with it!

  5. How exciting, Andrea!!! Italy AND Switzerland??? Lucky ducky you! I ADORE Switzerland – with Lausanne being one of my favourite cities! (And I visited 45 cities in Switzerland!). And then Italy??? Dream Come True! So excited for you!!!

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  7. I LOVE this! I am also an aupair in Germany.. very close to the border of Italy! I would love to join your friends in your travelling. I have only been here a month and can not get enough of Europe!

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