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  1. great question andrea…I think I am in a phase where I am traveling from one moment to another rather than one place to another. Hence I do not need a map 🙂 I am enjoying my travel through time while my space remains the same. goes to show that one doesn’t need to move to travel.

      • Actually I don’t have much worked out for next year. What a disappointment I am- sorry! My daughter is getting married in February and I haven’t got much past that. It will, as ever, be Portugal based, and next year is the year when I make definite plans for the move out there.

      • Oh the Swiss mountains! The pictures can’t do it any justice. Just surfed your gravatar photos, great photos! Drove through your state about three weeks ago heading south to Florida. No plans for travel until early next year, may head to Nevada and California to visit my wife’s family and hang out in Vegas. Hope all is well for you. 🙂

  2. About six weeks ago I wound up getting lost — really lost — in the hills about an hour from home. It was marvelous! I was photographing fall foliage and came across some incredible scenes. Still don’t know quite how I got out, even after examining a couple of maps.

    Who says your travel has to be far away?

    • Jnana, that sounds positively wonderful! Adventure can happen in one’s own backyard. 🙂

      On a different note, I finally was able to get together with my family to discuss our lineage! It appears you know far more than we.

  3. hmmmmm….coming up Nepal at xmas! Norway next summer – and some place in between – maybe Utah? Just an FYI, we have a few posts on Switzerland on the Life Bus you should check out!

  4. My heart belongs to the Big Bend country of far southwest Texas. But I dream of getting to the other great parts of the state, too. Texas is four different countries all blended into one. I still have a lot to see here.

  5. They say to travel without a map is impossible. In my opinion, it’s possible because it serves as an opportunity to discover new lands, new culture, and new people

  6. Just got back from Spain, Portugal, Madeira and the Canary Islands. 2013 looks like, 2 southern Caribbean trips (to be determined on where) , 1 in April, the other in November and a to be worked trip that will start in Genoa.

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