Milking the Mall System


Recently, I found myself in a bit of a predicament. While on a mini-trip to Atlanta, I was invited to party. Fun stuff, right? Well, the problem was, I had barely gotten ready that morning and was in no state to attend a party. I decided to kill a couple of hours by visiting Atlanta’s massive mall. This was when I got the great idea to “milk” the mall system! While I’m sure some savvy individuals have been doing this for some time, this was a first experience for me.

I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who has ever been bombarded with the requests of vendors while trying to enjoy a peaceful visit to the mall. I usually sidestep and politely smile away their offers, but this time, I accepted!  I said, “Yes!” to that free preview massage and enjoyed every minute of it. Having no perfume with me, I decided to partake in the free samples of Macy’s. When I saw the black and white stripes of Sephora, I thought, “Gold mine!” Sure, it might be slightly unconventional to completely do my eye makeup and lipstick in the store, but I figure that I’ve bought enough of their products over the years to make it acceptable. While perusing second floor, I was flagged over by a guy wanting to show me his mineral foundation. Of course, I accepted and walked away with the luminescent glow of that over priced powder. Because I love my current hair straightener, I typically avoid the hair styling stands like the plague. This time, though, that demonstration really came in handy! I hadn’t intended to include this in my gratis-mall-makeover, but I couldn’t say no when an attractive man called me over to experience the exfoliating powers of the Dead Sea.

ImageAfter a couple hours of exploring the mall, getting pampered and having great conversation with the salespeople, I walked out with great hair, soft hands, and stained lips!

Does anyone know if malls are like this in countries outside of the US? If so, I will definitely be taking advantage!

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Hello, world! My name is Andrea. I created this blog to share my experiences, thoughts, and adventures! I am currently planning a long-term European adventure and would love to have you join me in this endeavor. A few of my favorite things (and likely future blog topics) are self-development, meeting new people, travel, eating, yoga, meditation, raw foods, romance, cooking, hiking, and friendships. Namaste, Andi

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  1. Ingenious 😀 Well, you do get eatables to try out here and there but a makeover? would require some skills to milk that out. I guess a charming personality like yours works 😀

  2. Brilliant idea,we have fairly new mall near the Olympic site here in East London and they always have something, I usually turn down. I shall milk it one day. I did once get a fantastic hand scrub and it felt great with the amazing stuff they put on , but then when I heard the price of the tub I nearly fainted. 🙂

  3. Malls in Canada (when I used to live there) are kind of similar but you won’t probably get as much “free samples” just because the population is 1/10th of what it is in the US. Its the natural law of supply & demand 🙂

  4. Haha! I guess, there will not be any comparable as well as unique changes in the facilities over there in highly facilitated buildings, which are commonly termed as MALLS. But I’m eagerly waiting and expecting a CHANGE for these specific constructions of fun and entertainment by the opening of Asia’s largest shopping mall by LULU, which will be inaugurated by the mid of next month. If you are free to come, my heartiest welcome to my homeland, Andrea. 😀 🙂


  5. In my City there is a shopping mile.. a street full of shops which is cool but there are a lot of people in front of the shops who want to sell anything on the street as well. But if I go shopping then I usually know what I want to buy and theirfor I dislike it if peoples try to sell me anything each meter I go. I think I am a friendly person but after many meters in the shopping mile I can get really annoyed 😀

    There are also often people hanging around who collect donations for good purposes. The idea is great but the thing is if I am ready to donate some money then I research for a institution on my own. I mean a institution I trust and who take care that my donation arrives where the donation is needed. I simply cant research that and decide for a donation on the street. Thats why I dislike it if they ask me.

    Same goes for products they offer me on the street. I cant decide that on the street. I am somewhat immun to impulse purchases. 😀

    • That sounds like heaven!

      Yeah, it’s typically rather annoying to be constantly approached and bombarded with offers. However, in situations like the aforementioned, it can actually be quite beneficial!

      I definitely am right there with you, in regard to donations. It’s tough. You want to help out, but also want to know who you’re proceeds go to!

      Well, give me some of your immunity, Dennis!

      • True. Depends on the amount of offers and situation. About the situation…

        I must have skipped your sentence “I had barely gotten ready that morning and was in no state to attend a party.”. I only now do understand the gag of your story 😀 Well, reading in english is still differend then reading my native language. But I improve, I impove. 🙂

        That was really beneficial for you then.

  6. Well, it’s all overpriced anyway.
    You’ll make up the difference (sorry for the pun) next time you make a real purchase.
    At least you didn’t pick out a dress and shoes to wear while intending to return them the next day — that’s a strategy I find galling.
    So that’s what you were doing while my wife and elder daughter were hitting the yard sales. What a country!

    • I completely concur, Jnana! In regard to the exfoliator specifically, it cost a hundred dollars, but I can make my own sugar or salt scrubs for just a few dollars!

      Yes, yard sales can hold many finds if you take the time to go!

  7. Ha! It’s the least those vendors can pay for accosting people with their wares all the time. And, well, being one who has spend hundreds if not thousands on things all because of one free sample that I ended up liking, well, that is why they do their free makeovers, isn’t it?

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