Hello world!


Well, this is my very first blog…ever. I’m definitely looking forward to having a place to record all the exciting things I encounter!

For many years now, I have wistfully spoken of all the places I hoped to travel. Heck, I even made a “Travel” board on Pinterest dedicated solely to pictures of everywhere I wanted to go! I would longingly flip through friends’ albums of their adventures abroad and wonder if I would ever have a chance to experience life so fully… Now, it’s finally happening!

During the past four years, I lived with the mindset that I needed to get into a top grad school program and immediately begin after graduation [this spring]. I had internalized this idea to such an extent that the prospect of deviating from it in the slightest seemed unthinkable! After speaking with some close friends about the matter, I came to see that I wasn’t as confined to that path as I’d thought. In fact, I wasn’t trapped at all! This realization opened up so many possibilities!

I have now set my intention (I’ll upload my video on setting intention as soon as I’ve figured out the set up on here) travel around Europe, starting this spring. I am thrilled that my dreams are finally coming to fruition and can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!



With my lovely friend Bekah on the ferris wheel of Vienna.

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  1. Congrats on your blog. I look forward to reading more about your adventures! I love you, Dad (gee… can I say I love you on a blog???)

  2. Well, nice reading your words. Have fun traveling and blogging. Will definitely read Andrea’s other posts. SMiles from Kathmandu..Namaste!

  3. Andrea, I spent so much time in school and don’t have much to show for it. I don’t even have a bachelor’s although the years I did in school would indicate that I should have a master’s degree.

    I decided to not even pursue anything in school right now. I have two Associates and a stable job. But i’m also an artist. I am a spoken word artist who would love, more than anything else, to be able to travel and let people hear my truth. Education is paramount, yes, but it does not provide wisdom and experience. I am an educated young woman who keeps up with important issues and am knowledgeable in many areas.

    I’ve learned that we have been conditioned for several generations now that we all have to follow THE path: public school, college/university, job, marriage, kids, retirement, death.

    (wow, I could have written a post about this, ha! I won’t make it any longer :-p)

    Anyway, I am extremely happy that you decided to postpone grad school and fulfill a need that is obvious your heart desired. Happy travels!

    Love and Light,

    • I greatly appreciate your kind words and wisdom! I am glad with this decision too.

      I completely agree that we are conditioned. Granted, it varies within culture, but most people adhere to whatever the culture deems as “normal.” It’s sad that it’s so tough for people to break out of the mold and I admire you for doing so!

      Thank you for subscribing and keeping up. You’re great!!

      • It’s easy to react negatively to the conditioning once we wake up, bu it’s important to want to slowly wake up those who are still sleeping.
        i went to Jamaica a few wks ago for a performance, and next month i’m going to another Maryland for a wedding. I’m hoping to do more traveling before the year is over and definitely as the new year begins. have fun1

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere and traveling. I wish I’d found the opportunity to travel after graduating and was the same way when I would see friends’ pictures of their travels, but fortunately things worked out and I’m getting to live abroad now, which makes it much easier. I ended up deciding to start grad school while I’m over here, which takes up quite a bit of time, but not so much that I think it will limit me too much.

  5. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Europe – thats if you haven’t travelled already!
    The Mediterranean was the best holdiday I’ve had – and I’ve travelled quite a lot!
    But I won’t bore you! Keep up the posts’! its nice to read of some ones happiness!


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